So… I went to Staples this morning to pick up some DVD-Rs. Pretty routine trip; run in, grab DVD-Rs, stand in line, check out. While I was in line, I noticed that they had TurboTax sitting there in a POS display. I thought to myself, “Better get that too, as I think we have all the various and assorted tax information now and it would be nice to figure out if we’re going to owe or get a refund.” Apparently there is a “rebate” deal where you get a $10 Staples gift card with the purchase of TurboTax. I paid for my goods, got the rebate receipt and then waited a bit as the cashier asked the other cashier if she had any of the “Easy Rebate” bag inserts. I get all the paperwork, shove it all in the bag and go off to run my other errands.

Later on, I get home and check out the receipts and such. Much to my amazement, Staples has actually made it easy for you to file for rebates now. It seems that now on any Staples rebate offers, there will be an offer code and an Easy Rebate ID code. To file for your rebate, you simply go to, enter the two codes and fill in your mailing address info. Ta Da! Done. No stamps, no envelopes, no bullshit. This is so easy, my friend Emory would even use it, and he never files rebates. Let’s hope that everyone else follows suit.